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To Royal Mira. The Institution will help in grooming young stars academically, spiritually and socially into future leaders. Our academic ambition, our dedicated staff and focus on each individual’s talents and strengths ensure success at each stage of the learning journey from Nursery through to the Sixth Form and university beyond. We have outstanding teaching and classroom staff who give their expertise, their knowledge, their time and of themselves to ensure that we achieve every possible success for our pupils.

We are determined to create a platform that will enhance student’s talent, build up creative ability and self-confidence to become an innovative leader with an outstanding level of morality. We are determined to create an institution where both academic lessons and life practical lessons are taught. This will build up their confidence both within and outside the school, making them well-rounded in all aspect of life.

Dcns Ogor Iduh – Proprietress

Royal Mira All Saints

Royal Mira was a vision and an inspiration from God to DCNS (MRS.) IDUH BEAUTY OGOR. In reality, the school came on board on the 15th of September, 2015 with 69 pupils and 20 members of staff. MRS IDUH OGOR'S ultimate goal has bee...


Interpersonal Relationship

Teaching kids how to build Interpersonal Relationships with one another


Certified Teachers

Students are taught by Certified teachers


Advanced Analytics

Our students are impacted with Analytical intelligence


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Our School fee system is affordable.

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Royal Mira All Saints International School is one of the best schools to unleash the greatness in the life of your ward.